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Pipeline Laying and Inspecting in Henry County



Every person on Earth needs water in order to survive. It is essential for staying hydrated and keeping ourselves and our living or working areas clean.

The team here at D&S Plumbing and Septic can make sure your home and business are connected properly to the main water supply. We own trenching equipment, and every member of our staff is fully qualified and trained with each piece of equipment. We will lay all pipe and make sure that all connections are secure.
We will also lay pipe for your sewer and gas lines. Sewer lines are laid in much the same way as the water lines are, but gas lines have special specifications, requirements, and considerations that must be taken into account when handling. Our team has all accreditation and training needed to lay gas lines safely and correctly.
Pipeline Installation — Plumbing Repair in Mcdonough, GA


It is important to know and recognize piping issues as soon as they begin happening so they can get fixed before becoming and creating a larger problem.

If there is a bad odor coming from any pipeline, or if drains are starting to drain slowly, you need to get your pipes checked soon.

We have many tools such as cameras and augers that can helps us find the problem and fix it quickly.

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