Poop Is Not Ice

Yep, that ’s what Ashley said. 

Working for our family plumber, Daniel Groover, at his plumbing company, D&S Plumbing and Septic, has some perks. I get to see my friends every day and we have some off-the-wall funny conversations. Like this one.

D&S Plumbing and Septic owns their own pump truck and provides septic tank pumping for Henry County, Georgia.

One day, we were talking about a customer who ’d been living in their home for over a decade, and never had their septic tank pumped. It was so full of solids (yep, poop and paper) that Daniel had to add water in the tank to loosen up the solids enough for them to get sucked into the hose and into the pump truck ’s tank. Before he was finished, because of the added water, the pump truck was full and he had to go dump the truck, then come back and do it again.

I asked, “Why was there so much solids? I thought they liquefied in the septic tank over time.”

Ashley answered, “Poop is not ice, Dannielle!”

Of course, this led to a hilarious conversation about the chemistry of poop compared to ice: poop, unlike ice, does not liquefy nor change its form over time and at different temperatures.

To clarify, I said, “I thought there was a chemical process going on in the septic tank that breaks the solids down over time, eventually becoming part of the liquid that’s filtered out into the field lines.”

Daniel assured me that they do not. There are things you can do to keep it from building up too fast, but eventually it will need to be pumped.

There are plenty of online videos and resources that can teach you how a septic tank works, as well as some do’s and don’ts. Most people tend to forget or get distracted by life too much to take care of their septic tank as they should. When your septic tank needs attention, D&S Plumbing and Septic is just a phone call away: 678-272-8241.